Welcome to Pressure Washer Report!

My name is Cam Russo, and I’m the creator of Pressure Washer Reports- your one-stop shop for pressure washer reviews and information!

In 2020, I discovered just how many pressure washer sites there were with poorly written product reviews. Most were filled with grammatical errors, misleading information, and overall unhelpful content from site owners just looking to make a quick buck.

I wanted to change all that. Especially after a friend of mine bought a pressure washer after having read a review on one of them that turned out to be an absolute piece of junk.

Actually, it was more than junk…it caught on FIRE. I’m not kidding.

So I bought this site in December of 2020- yes, it was an expired domain- and completely overhauled it to be the best resource possible for all things pressure washers.

I took the site from an awful 5-page review site and strived to incorporate all aspects of surface cleaning. Common issues, troubleshooting, efficiency, and how-tos are just a few of the different things I cover in my content.

Whether you’re looking for the best pressure washer for your needs, want to know how to use one properly, or are curious about how conventional units work, you’ll find information and reviews on all types of pressure washers at Pressure Washer Report!

You can also read about tips and tricks to improve your efficiency with a pressure washer.

Now, I know that I’m just one mere mortal. So I always include written reviews from others with more experience in the game. The people who help me are industry experts, with experience in both residential and commercial pressure washing jobs.

It is only through their insight and expertise that this site became what it is today.

So welcome! We’re glad you’re here!