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1504047_1381450098799026_611926497_nHello, my name is Max. I have been an avid DIY person for my entire adult life. I have always felt that figuring out how to do something by yourself instead of spending money employing an expensive expert was well worth the trouble. That approach takes more time, but saves me plenty of money in the long run while making life more interesting.

My DIY philosophy inspired me to help other do-it-yourselfers learn about pressure washers in order to save those many hours of research finding the perfect machine at a superb price. I believe if DIY folks share their experiences and knowledge that it benefits all of us.

I have employed perhaps two dozen different power washer models on personal and commercial projects. I must have well over 2,000 hours with a wand in my hand. I know what makes them tick and I can confidently predict which machines are right for particular jobs, which will work as advertised and which features are most important in choosing the best pressure washer for the money.

I currently own a Generac 6596, which I reviewed in this guide. I do not own a power washing business, but I have used the 4000+ PSI machines on commercial jobs. Rest assured that every model I reviewed in this guide I have personally laid hands on and tested on small and big cleaning chores. The best of those I feel 100 percent confident about recommending.

If you are like me, taking on onerous cleaning tasks is no big deal as long as you have the right tools for the job. I hope my experience and research aimed at selecting the cream of crop in power washers has helped you find those right tools. I wish you many hours of satisfaction with your new pressure washer.

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